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  • CEM-System style=

    CEM-System | Vapor Delivery System
    조회 : 8482
    The CEM-System consists of a liquid flow controller,an MFC for carrier gas,
    a temperature controlled mixing and evaporation device.
    mixing liquid flows of 0,25-1200 g/h resulting in saturated vapour flows of 50 mln/min up to 100 ln/min.
  • VDM series : Vapor Delivery Modules style=

    VDM series : Vapor Delivery Modules | Vapor Delivery System
    조회 : 626
    These compact sub-systems incorporate the components of the CEM-System and more.
    These systems can generate (saturated) vapor flows within the range of 100 mln/min up to 10 ln/min.
    RS232 & Flow-bus is possible (local & remote control)