• EL-FLOW® Metal Sealed series 제품이미지

    EL-FLOW® Metal Sealed series | GAS 용 질량유량계MFC
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  • 제품 설명

    EL-FLOW® Metal Sealed series는 metla-to-metal seal construction으로 탁월한 resealing 의 효과를 가지고 있으며, 반도체 및 solar 산업 분야의 high purity gas application 에 적합한 제품입니다.
    lowest range 0,1...5 mln/min
    highest range 0,6... 100 ln/min

  • Features

    High accuracy (standard ±0,5% Rd plus ±0,1% FS)
    Resealable metal-to-metal outer seal construction (no rings)
    Electropolished wetted parts
    Cleanroom assembled
    Multi Gas / Multi Range functionality
    Analog and digital I/O, with optionally integrated interface to
    DeviceNet™, Profibus-DP®, Modbus, EtherCAT® or FLOW-BUS
    Super stable zero (no need for auto-zero circuit)
    High accuracy and repeatability

  • Flow capacities (based on air)

    Mass Flow Meter (MFM)                Ranges                                                             
    Model F-111CM
    min. 0,1 ... 5 mln/min
    max. 0,6 ... 50 ln/min
    Mass Flow Meter (MFC)                 Ranges                                                              
    Model F-201CM
    min. 0,2 ... 10 mln/min
    max. 0,6 ... 50 ln/min