• LIQUI-FLOW mini series 제품이미지

    LIQUI-FLOW mini series | LIQUID 용 질량유량계 MFC
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  • 제품설명

    LIQUI-FLOWTM mini는 초저 유량범위에 측정에 적합한 컴팩트한 SIZE의 제품입니다.
    이제품은 특히, 생명과학 시스템 적분기관련 application에 관심을 받고 있습니다.
    Lowest range 1,5 ... 75 mg/h
    Highest range 12 ... 600 mg/h (fluids with thermal properties similar to IPA/H2O)

  • Features

    Compact assembly ensures space efficiency
    Thru-Flow measurement
    Attitude insensitive
    Fast and accurate measurement
    Easy to clean due to negligible dead-volume
    Straight sensor tube reduces risk of clogging
    Duplex Steel sensor (W1.4462)
    High pressure rating 1000 bar (15000 psi), higher on request
    Analog or digital (RS232)

  • Flow capacities (based on IPA or H20) equivalent

    Liquid Flow Meter                                     Ranges                                                     
    Series LM02
    min. 1,5 ... 75 mg/h
    max. 12 ... 600 mg/h