• CEM-System 제품이미지

    CEM-System | Vapor Delivery System
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  • 제품설명

    CEM-System은 (Controlled Evaporation and Mixing)의 약자로 VAPOR DELIVERY 시스템입니다.
    수증기발생기 CEM SYSTEM의 구성으로는 LFC, MFC, 기화기 및 Mixing device로 이루어져 있으며,
    기존 bubbler제품을 대체할수 있는 시스템입니다.
    lowest ranges 2 ... 100 mbar absolute, gauge or differential 
    up to highest ranges 8 ... 400 bar absolute / gauge or 0,3 ... 15 bar dif

  • Features

    Accurately controlled gas/liquid mixture (mass flow)
    Fast response
    High reproducibility
    Handles water, solvents, liquid mixtures
    Very stable vapour flow
    Flexible selection of gas/liquid ratio
    Lower working temperature than conventional system

  • Capacities

    Max. capacity
    (based  on  water)            
    W-101A 10 W, for µ-FLOW 2 g/h Liquid 4 ln/min Gas 200°C
    W-102A 10 W, for LIQUI-FLOW™ 30 g/h Liquid 4 ln/min Gas 200°C
    W-202A 100 W, for LIQUI-FLOW™ 120 g/h Liquid 10 ln/min Gas 200°C
    W-303A 1000 W, for LIQUI-FLOW™ 1200 g/h Liquid 100 ln/min Gas 200°C