• F5001 Electromagnetic Flowmeter 제품이미지

    F5001 Electromagnetic Flowmeter | Other Flowmeters
    조회 : 7795
  • 제품설명

    F5001 Electromagnetic Flowmeter 제품은 Faraday 전자감응 법칙을 응용한 유량계
    봉쇄된 파이프라인의 전도액체와 장액의 체적유량을 측정하는데 사용
    적용분야: 제지, 화학공업, 배수 오수처리, 액체 고압계량, 의약, 식품

  • Features

    1. Accuracy:0.3%, 0.5% and1.0%
    2. Repeatability:0.15%, 0.25% and 0.5%
    3. Ambient Temperature: Sensor (Separate Type):-20℃~+70℃
    4. Fluid Temperature:Integral Type ≤+80℃
    5. Separate Type(Rubber Lining)≤+80℃ (PTFE Lining) ≤+120℃
    6. Nominal Pressure:0.6MPa~32.0MPa Liquid Conductivity:≥5u/cm
    7. Power Supply:DC24V±5% or 100-240VAC 47~63Hz
    8. Enclosure: IP68(For separate type with synthetic rubber lining only)
    9. Output Signal:4~20mA/0~10mA, Standard Pulse output
    10. Communication:RS485 Computer Interface and HART Protocol